What is the one thing people are really seeking when in an interview, first date, networking session? They want to know is this person happy? There are usually (3) realms, which people focus on in their questions to you, and they are:
Is he happy within himself?
Is he happy with other people (all types of relationships)?
Is he happy in his world? (like where you live, your relationship to the environment)?
There are so many products out today addressing this issue, there must be something to trying to achieve, “the perfect smile for me”.
There are teeth whiteners, special coaching and for sure there are many beauty and barber establishments, which are all trying to have those speaking to you focus on your smile.
The smile is the open invitation for people to get to know you. A good affirmation or a way to state our intention could be, “I allow others to get to know me.”
Try to look at pictures of yourself to be able to give yourself more control of what your face is saying/reflecting. There are those who do mirror work for hours in an attempt to get that natural smile and make it work for you.
Certainly, a trim beard/mustache, a new lipstick, a visit to the dentist for a teeth-cleaning, all contribute to our inner self-confidence.
An exuberant smile flashes a lot of teeth and says, we are confident and happy inside.
Enthusiasm could never be possible with a great big positive smile.
How do we sabotage ourselves and not come through on this for ourselves? One way, is by having any type of clutter. There are many types of clutter, some that we can control and some we cannot.
There is mental clutter, environmental clutter, kitchen clutter, desk clutter, and whatever jams our head is usually in this category.
The effect it has is it turns on our inner critical judge, who begins a tirade on the many ways we are not measuring up to our own expectations, values, or, another way to put it is we are in a limited stated.
How can we control our own situation? First of all, if you really cannot deal with all of those dishes in the sink, put a large towel over it, so it is out of your visual field. Is your apartment filled with paper everywhere? You can either put the papers into a bag or bring a box home and label it and put it out of sight for now.
Have an area for priority papers or important documents, and put them in a metal box or a labeled drawer.
Incorporate your friend’s opinions on what would look best on you, or bring out your best smile, happy attitude. The people at your local beauty or barber shop will certainly give you their opinion and help you choose a picture for a new haircut or beard trim or lipstick for your interview or big date.
You want to be generous with your smile even if everyone around you is not using their own, it is very contagious and very positive.
If you care to research this further, you might want to look into:
(a.) mirror work,
(b.) colors that work best for my complexion/hair color, age,
(c.) make-overs for my age group.
The color you wear near your face, a scarf or tie will surely bring emphasis to your face and illuminates it like a frame.
The second thing people look at after your smile is your shoes. If you cannot afford new ones, try to clean your own really well, using bleach and then cover the worn spots with permanent marker.
Your mind-set is what mostly determines the configuration on your face, so we must think positiviely of ourselves, in all ways, formats and keep this at the top of our minds.
This piece is dedicated to a wonderful and much loved person, Golda.






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